Before Planning an e-Mail Marketing Campaign

Email marketing as a sub-domain of Internet Marketing

Online marketing is a well known phenomenon now. Many big and small enterprises are opting for internet of online marketing to sale their product or just to promote themselves as brand. It has become a part of overall marketing plan; because enterprises know that large number of people spend their time online and it is the right place to grab the attention of potential customers.

Bulk Mailing Services

Email Marketing Software Solutions Provider

E-Mail Marketing is a sub-domain of Internet Marketing. E-Mail marketing is beneficial in many ways it not only costs less than other online marketing campaigns but the messages reach to the right customer. Only cost involved in any email marketing campaign are that of acquiring a mailing list and cost of using any email marketing software, if any.

Advantages of email marketing campaign

If we compare email marketing campaign with some other marketing campaigns like print advertising or magazine publications then it has following advantages over them:

  • Monetary Advantage: e-mail marketing is less expensive as compared to other forms of marketing such as direct mail, magazines or printed newsletters.
  • Duration: Once you have your email marketing campaign setup it doesn’t take much time to send it to list of potential customers.
  • Reach the right market segment: Most of the mailing lists contain email addresses related to particular domain or industry. Thus, it results in accurate targeting.
  • Tracking efforts: Tracking and ROI plays an important role in any marketing activity; and advantage of using software or website is that they can be tracked easily. Email campaigns can be tracked and analyzed.
  • Instant feedback: Through bulk email marketing service it possible to get feedback on your product, service or company via same email which you sent to them instead of having to wait for them to visit your site.

These are some of the advantages according to me but if you think there are more then you can definitely let me know. 🙂

Dealing with email marketing laws

Have you already got excited about e-mail marketing and planning to shoot a mass email marketing campaign for your company or product? Wait! Wait! Wait! It has got a negative side also called ‘SPAM’ and you have to deal with it. Most of the nations have bulk mailing services laws which you should know before going for it.


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